NMF (Floor Harder)

Product Description:

"MYMIX - NMF (Floor Hardener)" is a ready to use non-metallic floor hardener based on very high quality natural hard non metallic aggregates. These aggregates play an important role in attributing properties of abrasion and wear resistance.
It renders tough, wear resistant, dust free, anti—skid, long lasting and maintenance free floors. It bonds monolithically to the base concrete and is suitable for existing as well as new floors.

Suitable Substrates:

  • Concrete floors, residential & commercial area
  • All types of cementitious screeds


  • Hardwearing and dust proof floor toppings.
  • Anti-skid and anti-slip in case of oil spillages.
  • Good water proofing properties, hence suitable for rooms and exteriors that are constantly wet.
  • Non-rusting and therefore trouble free
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel and vegetable oils.
  • Abrasion resistant is twice as good as normal concrete.
  • Increases strength and impact resistant.
  • Substantial increase in service life and therefore works out economical
  • Has extremely low shrinkage.
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance.

How to Apply:

  • NMF Floor Hardener dry mix is usually applied in two stages.
  • The concrete / compensating under screed base should be free from excess water and sufficiently hardened to allow light foot traffic
  • Two‐ third (about 65 ‐ 70% )of the dry mix should be sprinkled evenly by hand or scoop horizontally
  • And once the material becomes evenly dark, it is floated by wooden float
  • The surface should not be over worked
  • Immediately thereafter, the remaining one – third (30 ‐35%) of the dry mix should be evenly sprinkled in the similar manner vertically, and should be spread evenly
  • Final finish can be done by troweling to give the desired finish with power‐float
  • The weight of power – float should not be less than 60 kg. Particular attention should be paid to edges and corners to ensure full compaction
  • Final troweled floor surface should be cured with conventional curing methods

Technical Detail: (As per IS 4031 part 5 & 6)

S . NoTesting parameterSpecification
1NMF – Mixing Ratio2.5 to 3.0 litre water for 25 kg Material Approx: 10 – 12 % by weight
2Product ColourGrey
3Compressive Strength in Mpa
3.1After 01 day14.20 Mpa
3.2After 07 days26.80 Mpa
3.3After 28 days36.21 Mpa


  • 25 kg. Project packing of 40 kg size is available on demand

Shelf Life:

  • Factory sealed bags are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition stored in dry area.