Product Description

MYMIX – IG 2 is premixed cementitious, free-flow, non-shrink, high strength, industrial precision grout which is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads.
It is a unique product designed to give positive expansion in the plastic and hardened states, producing a low porosity, high durable material.
It is carefully designed with fine blended Portland cement, graded sand and other additives for controlled expansion in the plastic state with low water mixing requirement to minimize segregation and deliver high early strength & long-lasting durability.

 Special Features

  • Single component cementitious, pourable and flowable grou
  • ASTM C 109 / ASTM C 230 / ASTM 1090
  • Suitable for 10 -75 mm thickness application
  • Excellent fluidity and achieve quick strength
  • Two stage expanding engineering grout
  • Suitable for grouting of various heavy duty machinery bases
  • Suitable for general purpose grouting in concrete applications