IG 2 (Cementitious Industrial Grout)

Product Detail:

  • MYMIX – IG 2 (Cementitious Industrial Grout) is Premixed, Cementitious, free‐flow, Non ‐
    Shrink high strength Industrial grout
  • Capable to handle static and dynamic loads
  • Designed to give positive expansion in the plastic and hardened states producing a low
    porosity high durability material
  • It’s blend of Portland cements, quartz sand modified with silica fume and expansive agents

Suitable Substrates:

  • Machinery bases, Structural columns, pumps and accessory bases, anchor bolts, floor grids, crane tracks
  • Precast structural membrane and to joints, dowels, rail posts and sealing bolts, powder line stanchions.
  • General purpose grouting of narrow concrete cracks or gaps between concrete and metal structures
  • All horizontal ducts or concrete, in situ opened channels installation of pipe lines, cables, ducts and plastic conduits.



  • Excellent fluidity for easy use
  • Easy to remove parts of structure
  • Quick strength achieving
  • Possibility for quicker loading

  • Dimensionally stable, needs no special treatment at opened ends, capping or edges
  • No Separation
  • High coverage and Economical

How to Apply:

  • Remove oil and grease from application surfaces and clean entire area with oil free compressed air
  • All metal components shall be de‐rusted and free of paints and oil
  • Remove excess water from voids and holes prior to grouting
  • Any standard grout pump can be used
  • Add 160ml to 180ml per kg of MYMIX IG2 Cementitious Grout.
  • Determine size of the pocket to be grouted
  • If the pocket depth is more than 5cm, add 30% pre‐washed, dry, coarse aggregates of size 4 to 8mm by weight
  • Do not pour from two sides
  • The materials should be quickly poured in order to avoid loss of workability
  • Strike off the exposed areas as you keep pouring the materials
  • Use wet hessian cloth or ponding water
  • If a damp hessian is used, curing for at least 7 days is necessary
  • Do not use vibrators for compaction of the material

Technical Detail: (As per IS 4031 part 5 & 6)

S . NoTesting ParametersSpecification
1IG – 2 – Mixing Ratio4.0 to 4.5 litre water for 25 kg Material

Approx: 16 – 18 % by weight
2Product ColourGrey
3Compressive Strength in Mpa
3.1After 01 Day13 Mpa
3.2After 03 Days24.5 Mpa
3.3After 07 Days46.7 Mpa
3.4After 28 Days68.25 Mpa
4Settling time
4.1Initial Setting time in Minute145 min.
4.2Final Setting time in Minute270 min
5Flexural Strength in Mpa8.26 Mpa
6Density in gm/cc
6.1Loose bulk density1.8 gm/cc
6.2Compacted Density2.23 gm/cc
7Flow Distance in MM20 – 30 mm
8Chloride ContentNIL


  • 25 kg. Project packing of 40 kg size is available on demand

Shelf Life:

  • Factory sealed bags are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition stored in dry area