Product Description

AQUA BARRIER RWP 1400 has been formulated with special polymer based rubberised emulsion to create a rigid bond to most surfaces. It forms an intact flexible waterproof membrane with extensive elongation that will expand and contract under normal substrate movement & climate changes. The formulation is fully optimized to ensure quick tack-free time, fast cure, high solids and excellent resistance to swelling, durability of coating emphasize privilege of premium quality acrylic emulsion polymer, water resistant pigments & graded additives that are durable with weather and UV resistant. It is supplied as black-bluish thixotropic liquid, which is easily applied to horizontal surfaces. Used as a waterproofing and protective coating for interior & exterior application, having excellent resistance to micro-organisms. Ideal waterproofing system for roofs, masonry and concrete walls, basements, bridges, decks, metal surfaces etc.

Special Features

  • Excellent thermal expansion & contractionElongation (>1400%).
  • Low VOC emission.
  • Excellent Crack bridging.
  • Excellent corrosion & water resistance.
  • Superior appearance with smooth finish.
  • Strong flexural strength.
  • High film thickness builds up.
  • Eco-friendly & cost effective.
  • Excellent hydrophobicity.
  • Superior bonding strength