Cementitious Crack Filler

packagePacking : 1 Kg

CCF (Cementitious Crack Filler) is single component cement based crack filling compound, it is formulated & modified for non-shrink cementitious compositions for filling cracks in concrete, masonry & plaster surfaces and it is easy to apply and can be finished or smoothened with a putty blade/damp sponge. It sets quickly on application and can be over coated with common paints/ coatings.

  • Strong adhesion to common building materials
  • Excellent crack filling ability
  • Non- sagging, solvent free composition
  • Self-levelling
  • Easy to use, ready-mixed formula

  • It is ideal for filling and repairing concrete, masonry and cement plaster cracks.
  • Roof tops
  • Balconies & Decks.
  • Terraces
  • Walls

Testing Parameters Result
Appearance Grey & White Powder
Mix ratio (Powder : Water) 100 : 35
Pot Life 30 minutes
Setting Time 3 - 4 hour
Specific Gravity 1.35 – 1.45 g/cc
Compressive Strength >20 MPa in 28 days

Factory sealed packs are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition and stored in cool & dry area.