Accelerating Admixture for Unreinforced Concrete & Mortar

packagePacking : 50 kg & 250 kg Drum

RITEBLOCK® CLC is ideal for providing increased resistance to frost damage during and after construction of hollow blocks. RITEBLOCK CLC reduces the damage in transportation of blocks. Accelerating compound used for unreinforced concrete and mortar to fast strength development. Ideal for cool temperature and block making.

  • Accelerating the setting time of plain cement concrete for early development of strength.
  • Air contain may reduce when some other air entraining agent is used in accelerating admixture for unreinforced concrete/ mortar the concurrence with RITEBLOCK CLC

  • Paver block
  • Solid concrete block
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Concrete roof tile
  • Light weight concrete block (CLC)
  • Can be used for P.C.C. work

Testing Parameters Result
Appearance Colour less transparent liquid
Specific Gravity 1.31 + 0.01
Chloride Contain 20% Approx.
Air Entrainment <1%

Approximate dosage 200 ml to 500 ml per 50 kg of cement

Factory sealed packs are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition and stored in cool & dry area.