Two Component Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Coating System

packagePacking : 15 kg (Part A - Liquid Component - 5 kg + Part B - Powder Component -10 kg)

RITECRETE® 2K is two components, polymer modified, highly flexible cementitious water proofing membrane system. It comprises of superior quality cement, other additives and liquid polymers. When both liquid and powder mixed together and applied it forms a tough, flexible and seamless waterproof barrier which also provides excellent bonding and crack bridging ability on masonry substrates.

  • Food Grade : CFTRI Approved
  • EN 14891
  • Excellent water proofing property
  • Good elongation at break (approx. 80%)
  • Highly flexible & excellent adhesion to masonry substrates
  • Flexible film can withstand against moderate hydrostatic pressure
  • Creates seamless coating
  • Free from VOC

  • Suitable for waterproofing of any cementitious surfaces
  • Waterproofing of showers, toilets, bathrooms and sunken slabs
  • Suitable for terraces, concrete roofs & balconies
  • Suitable for concrete foundation & concrete walls, parking decks
  • Suitable for aqua storages like swimming pools, water tanks & water reservoirs
  • Suitable for prefabricated concrete construction

  • All cementitious surface
  • Old and new concrete surfaces
  • Cement plaster and any masonry work

Testing Parameters Result
Appearence Part-A : Milky White, Part-B : Grey Coloured Powder
Mixing ratio Part - A : Part - B = 1 : 2
Pot life @ 23°- 27° c 1 hour
Waiting time before applying 2nd coat 3 - 4 hours
Cure time after applying 2nd coat 24 hours
Waiting time before applying tiles/further application 7 days
Film Elongation at Break 80 %
Adhesion strength on concrete after 7 days water immersion 1.0 - 1.2 N/mm²
Crack Bridging 1 mm

Approx. 6 - 6.5 sq. ft. / kg per mm of thickness

Factory sealed packs are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition and stored in cool & dry area.

Terrace Roof Waterproofing
Higher Elongation
Easy To Apply