MYMIX-Ritecrete 440

Product Description

MYMIX-RITECRETE 440 is a high performance acrylic polymer based coating system for repairs and waterproofing.
It can be utilised as a bonding agent, as a mortar enhancer, as an excellent waterproofing agent and as a primer coating in cementitious application.
It can be utilised for waterproofing of underground structures, water bodies, terraces etc.
It is suitable for repairs of masonry structures, old concrete to new concrete and in cement plaster.
It is in liquid consistency and suitable for internal & external applications.

 Special Features

  • High Performance – Increase the qualities of cement mortar and concrete
  • Excellent resistant to salt water penetration
  • Provides excellent breathable waterproofing coat
  • UV resistant, weather resistant, hard wearing, long life and highly durable
  • High flexibility and elongation properties
  • Resists to mild acids, alkalines, chlorine and sulphates