Product Description

RITEPOXY EIG 2200 Industrial Grout is three component epoxy based grout (100% Solid) designed specially for use in application at industrial and commercial areas where high strength, free flow, chemical & temperature resistance is required.
RITEPOXY EIG 2200 is an easy to mix joint filler available in four shades (Brilliant White, Terracotta, Natural Grey and Jet Black).

 Special Features

  • RITEPOXY EIG 2200 is three component epoxy based grout
  • Suitable for joint width of 2 to 12mm
  • High strength solid epoxy grout
  • High chemical & temperature resistant
  • Bacterial resistant & anti-fungal
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Strong durable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for waterproof grouting
  • Confirms ANSI 118.3 requirements
  • EN 13888 / ISO 13007-3 : Classified as RG
  • Internal & external flooring & walls