Three Component Epoxy Grout

packagePacking : 750 gm (Hardener 70 gm + Resin 180 gm + Filler Powder 500 gm)

RITEPOXY® GLITTER STAR (Epoxy Stain-free Grout) is three component epoxy base tile grout designed specially for floor & wall areas where sparkling effect, metallic finish of aesthetics is of utmost importance such as hotels, restaurants, kitchens, showrooms, living room, swimming pool & shopping malls. RITEPOXY GLITTER STAR Grout is easy to apply and recommended for internal floor wall applications. It is easy to mix joints filler and available in more than 28 shades in Gold, Silver and Copper finish. It is particularly recommended for glass mosaic & metallic tiles.

  • ISO 13007-3 / EN 13888 : Classified RG
  • Provides sparkling effect finish
  • Colour-fast & 100% Stain free
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical resistant with non-toxic properties
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Strong, Durable & Easy to Clean
  • Ideal for Waterproof Grouting
  • Highly resistant to Heavy Traffic

  • Swimming Pools
  • Lounges
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Showrooms
  • Residential & Commercial

  • Porous and absorbent type tiles
  • Ceramic and vitrified tiles
  • Non-vitreous clay tiles Granite, marble & glazed wall tiles
  • Agglomerates (Engineered Stone)
  • Glass mosaic tiles
  • Metallic tiles

Testing Parameters Result
Colours 28 shades in Gold, Silver & Copper finish
Joint Width 2 to 12 mm
Pot Life 45 minutes
Initial Water Cleaning 30 minutes
Time to Foot Traffic 24 hours
Time to Heavy Traffic 72 hours
Temperature Resistance -10° to 80° C
Initial Setting Time 3 - 4 hour

Varies with width and depth of joint.

Available in Gold, Silver & Copper finish.

Available in 28 shades.

Factory sealed packs are best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition and stored in cool & dry area.

Stain Resistant
Shrinkage Free
Anti Fungal
Anti Bacterial
Easy To Apply