Translucent Epoxy Grout

packagePacking : 3 kg (Resin 2820 gm + Hardener 180 gm)

RITEPOXY® TR (Translucent Epoxy Grout) is two component epoxy grout specially designed for use filling up joints of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and joints, where hygiene is of utmost importance [such as bathrooms, kitchen, living room, bedroom, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, swimming pools and high traffic areas]. RITEPOXY TR (Translucent Epoxy Grout) is easy to mix, chemicals resistant joint filler gives semi-transparent effect.

  • EN 13888/ ISO 13007-3 : Classified as RG
  • Grout with light - Translucent Property
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for grouting material for multi-coloured tiles
  • Becomes very hard and is highly resistant to heavy traffic

  • Murals with glass mosaic chips
  • Swimming pools
  • Glass brick walls
  • Lounges & Discotheques
  • Multi-coloured glass & metal tiles

  • Multi - colour glass & metal tiles
  • Marble & Glazed wall tiles
  • Non - vitreous clay tiles
  • Glass Mosaic tiles

Testing Parameters Result
Appearance (Grout with light - Translucent Property)
Joint Width 1 to 6 mm
Pot Life 50 minutes
Initial Water Cleaning 30 - 45 minutes
Time to Foot Traffic 24 hours
Time to Heavy Traffic 72 hours
Initial Setting Time 3 - 4 hour
Compressive Strength after 7 days >55 Mpa
Tensile Strength after 7 days 12 - 14 Mpa
Shrinkage after 7 days < 0.14 %

Varies with width and depth of joint.

Factory sealed packs are best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition and stored in cool & dry area.

Stain Resistant
Shrinkage Free
Anti Fungal
Anti Bacterial
Easy To Apply