RITEPOXYTM ESG 1200 (Epoxy Stain – free Grout)

Product Description

RITEPOXYTM ESG 1200 (Epoxy Stain-free Grout) is designed specially for use in filling up joints of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stone joints, where hygiene is of utmost importance such as bathrooms, kitchens, living room, bedroom, hospitals, laboratories, swimming pools and high traffic areas. RITEPOXYTM ESG 1200 is three component, easy to mix, chemical resistant joint filler and is available in 28 shades.


Features :

  • Colour fast and 100% Stain free
  • Chemical resistant with non-toxic properties
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal
  • Strong, durable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for waterproof grouting
  • Available in 28 shades

Application Preparation :

  • Clean application area & remove dirt, dust & excess adhesive from tile joints.
  • Mix Part A & Part B in a bucket thoroughly and slowly add Part C (filler Powder) to make a homogenous mixture.
  • Using rubber float fill-up the tile joints.
  • Wait for 30-45 mins for joints to harden.
  • Begin initial clean-up with water & gently use scrub pad in circular motion to remove excess material from the tile / stone surface.
  • Use plenty of clean water until excess grout is cleared from surface.
  • Remove excess material from the tile surface and use wet towel at 45 degree to the grout joints.
  • Wait for 2-3 hrs before giving smooth finish to grout surface with a sponge & hand-glove finger with mild shampoo water.
  • Wait for 24 hrs and finally clean the surface with water to remove the epoxy marks.
  • Surface is now ready to use.

Mixing Detail :

Particular1 kg Pack5 kg Pack
Part A - Hardener70 gm350 gm
Part B - Resin180 gm900 gm
Part C - Filler powder750 gm3.75 kg


Area of Application :

  • Washrooms and Cleaning Rooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and Operation Theaters
  • Lounges

Packing Details :

  • Available in 1 kg and 5 kg units
  • Project pack in 20 kg, available on request

Shelf Life :

  • 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Coverage :

  • Varies with width and depth of joint.

Working and Physical Properties :

S. NoTesting parameterTest Result
1Joint WidthUp to 12 mm
2Pot Life50 min
3Time to Foot Traffic24hrs
4Time to Heavy Traffic48hrs
5Specific Gravity1.7 to 1.8kg/Itr
6ShrinkageNo Shrinkage
7Water Cleaning 3 hrs
9SagNo Sagging
10Compressive Strength> 6500 PSI
11Tensile Strength> 1300 PSI