Product Description:

MYMIX Super Latex 770 is high quality super latex additive to be mixed with MYMIX UTA to provide strong bonding with high flexibility to various substrates.


  • High Bond Strength
  • Increases the qualities of cement mortar, concrete and ceramic tile & Stone
  • Excellent bonding properties
  • Suitable for Internal and External application

Method of Application

Surface Preparation:

All Concrete surfaces should be clean from dust, free from contamination, efflorescence, and curing compounds


  • Add MYMIX Super Latex 770 in clean bucket and add MYMIX UTA powder.
  • Use approx. 7-8 ltrs for 25 kg bag.
  • Mix by hand or slow speed stirrer to get a smooth and homogeneous mixture and wait for 5 mins.
  • Remix and apply the materials with proper notched trowel.
  • Shake well before use.


  • Apply material to the recommended substrate with flat side of trowel.
  • Comb on additional material with the notched side.
  • Press the tile/stones within 15-20 min with a shuffling movement into the adhesive.
  • Check regularly to ensure that the back of the tile is in full contact with the adhesive.
  • Remove excess adhesive immediately from the joints.
  • The proper preparation of the surface will make the fixing easier and quicker ensuring a better finish.


For application on plywood surface kindly refer MYMIX Technical Data Sheet.


Area of Application:

  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior
  • Ceramic Tile & Stones on wooden and plywood application
  • Cement mortar & Screeds
  • Used in bonding for plaster work as bond coat
  • Can use old to new concrete substrate by bonding mortar
  • Cement Backer board
  • Gypsum Wallboard
  • Cement Terrazzo

Packing Details:

  • Available in 1 Liter, 5 Liter, 20 Liter.
  • Bigger packing sizes are available on request.

Shelf Life:

  • Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing, in unopened condition stored in dry area.
  • Avoid direct sun light

Working and Physical Properties:

S . NoTesting ParameterTest Result
2Pot Life4 hrs
3Open Time30 - 40 min (mixed with mortar)
4Time to Foot traffic / Time to Heavy Traffic 24 hrs / 48 hrs
5Coverage50 - 60 sq ft per 5 litre
6Compressive Strength> 3500 PSI
7Bonding / Tensile strength / Shear bond> 300 PSI
8Water absorption> 10%
9RemarksApplication with Mymix UTA